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What are Immunisation and vaccination?

Vaccination is an administration used to give vaccines i.e giving oral vaccines or injections to improve immune system development and fight against diseases.

Immunization is the process in which the individual immune system is improved to fight against the infected agents. This process includes both getting vaccinated and becoming immune to the disease. When an individual undergoes this process, the body produces an immune response. In the future, if this individual comes in contact with the disease, the body will be capable enough to make an immune response and prevent the person from developing a severe case of the disease.

Vaccination vs Immunization

In clinical terms, a vaccine is a product that triggers an individual’s immune system. It helps to increase the person’s immunity towards specific diseases and also protects the person from ailments. Also, a vaccine is generally administered via a needle injection and can also be administered through the mouth or nose.
Life-threatening epidemics such as smallpox that claimed millions of lives have now been completely eradicated thanks to effective vaccination. So, the difference between immunization and vaccination lies in the fact that a body can only develop immunity when it is properly administered with a vaccine.
However, an individual's immunity can also be increased by natural means. For instance, a person who suffered from chickenpox or measles is unlikely to contract it again. A person becomes immune thanks to the creation of antibodies in his or her system. This is done by exposure to weak or deactivated forms of microbes. This is also known as inoculation.
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